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North American Representative for Buch and Eisenbau Kramer

Karl Buch

Casting Methods

Double Poured Static CastingCentrifugal Casting

Many years of experience enable Karl Buch to utilize highly developed casting procedures. Centrifugal casting, as well as double poured static casting, are our specialties. The shell and core layers are cast exactly symmetrical - the ideal basis for thermal stability and shape. Heat treatment of the rolls guarantees optimal thermal stability and behavior.

Machining and Grinding Capabilities

Machining and Grinding Capabilities

  • Cold and hot grinding to any customer's specification: superfinish, bright or matte ground, etc
  • High precision crown grinding, CNC-controlled
  • Grinding of new rolls and regrinding of old rolls
  • Grinding of hard chrome-plated rolls
  • Optimal true running and perfect shape

Drilled Roll
High precision deep drilling with various flow designs for roll heating or cooling is one of our strongpoints.

Drilled Rolls

Pair of Drilled Rolls

Corrugated Roll

Statically cast roll bodies or centrifugally cast shells with bolted-on steel or shrunk-in journals. We also manufacture Cracker and Mixing mill rolls with different groove configurations.